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A little about the Zigg Family
Introducing our clan, our family, our laughter tribe....
Gen - Director & Head of Decoration
Patrick - Hotel Manager & Chief Creative Chef
Dan - Dynamic Culinary Wizard of Zigg
Catalina - Organisational Reception Star   
Sarah - Smiliest Waitress, Room Stylist & Garden Guru
Cecilia - Cleaning Queen & Chief Flower Arranger
Filipe - Our genius 'Builder, Brain & Brawn'
Our inspiration trip to Marrakech
In January 2018 we decided we needed to go and get some inspiration.
So in March we trucked off to Morocco - armed with open minds and empty suitcases.
We bargained in the souks, climbed the Atlas mountains, washed in the local hammam and came back full of ideas and renewed invigoration.
Developing the garden
Following our trip to Morocco we wanted to get our garden into gear.
Here are some shots of us in the process of designing, decorating, planting and pruning.  
Making mosaics
Nothing ever stops. If there is a quiet moment then we turn our attention to filling the walls and surfaces with more mosaics or oddments. Having had an art gallery in a previous life - Gen used to make and teach mosaics. She now brings these skills to Zigg, utilising any old pieces of wood or tiles to be found hanging around.
Experimenting with food
Our chefs have a great sense of flavour, fun and experimentation - we have all enjoyed (and devoured) the experiments coming out of the kitchen. Every person that has entered the kitchen has added their own special twist and we are very proud of all of the different styles and tastes we have embraced over the years.
Ziggurat Karma Kitchen
Back in 2016 TED came to Guernsey - which was pretty awesome. The Dandelion Project organised and ran the event, bringing over many awesome speakers from around the globe. They asked Gen to do a very short speech about the the Karma Kitchen initiative we were running at that time. We thought you might enjoy it. Here's Gen in motion -
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