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This is not your average hotel
If you are the type of person who is bored with the bland impersonality of chain hotels and faceless organisations, then this might be just the place for you. We don’t have all the amenities of the big monolith hotel institutions, but instead we offer more subtle benefits such as a warm friendly ambiance, a sense of bonhomie and a genuine personal passion for making your stay as wonderful as it possibly can be.
We like to be different
Guests arrive at our Moroccan Riad-inspired front door - the exterior gives little away. When you ring the doorbell and are welcomed in personally. The first thing you will see, directly opposite the door, is a life-size sculpture of our Goddess Ishtar and her duo of owls seated at her feet. Every Ziggurat needs a goddess....
A Welcoming Reception
Our deep red reception lets guests know that they have stepped out of traditional Guernsey surroundings. Our intention is that your experience feels a little bit different from other hotels. A little bit more cosy, personal, homely and special.
We’d love it if your stay stood out in your memory and that you'd want to tell your friends about our little hotel after you returned home.  
Our Bedrooms
Each is decorated in a similar style but every one is unique in some way. All but three rooms have a terrace or balcony overlooking the harbour and islands. Our loft rooms share a large terrace with unparalleled views that even impress the locals.
We want to make it clear right from the outset that bedrooms are not huge. If we had not been limited by the footprint of the building we would have loved to have built large suites for everyone, but it was not to be. However please make the hotel your home. 
Don't while away your time in your bedroom if you’d like to spread out and have more space. Make the dining room your daytime study, the lounge into your social meeting spot, the huts into your private meeting rooms and the garden into your lazing lounge. 
The Restaurant & Bar
The Middle Eastern inspired decor and details create a lovely cosy atmosphere. The restaurant seats up to 60 people in 3 distinct areas, the dining room, the lounge and the beach huts. Great for events and parties!
Our Terrace & Garden
The views from the terrace are breathtaking, looking out over the town and seascape beyond. The garden extends into a lawned area, with more seating and two outside toilets - in a shed of course. A raised wooden platform at the end of the garden hosts a heated pagoda for private drinks, meals and gatherings.
The Garden Beach Huts
These private dining and meeting spaces are extremely popular and have attracted much media interest. They have featured in the Sunday Times, Telegraph and Mail on Sunday, amongst others. They provide the opportunity for groups of up to 6 people to have a completely private dining experience. Each of three huts is equipped with comfortable seating, Moroccan chandeliers, heating, and music.
Our Food
Presentation is very important and we aim to create food that excites the eyes as well as the stomach. We largely focus on catering for our in-house hotel guests however we do hold quite a lot of events, parties and group drinks in the restaurant and garden. 
If you would like to hold an event please do get in touch as we'd love to hear from you.
Breakfast Service
We think breakfast is the most important meal of the day!
Our breakfast buffet consists of a fruit, cereal yoghurt, toast and jam. This can be followed by a cooked option. We serve 3 main dishes - The Works, Zigger-Hash or Breakfast Bruschetta. Try them all if you are staying for a few days....
Our Team
We couldn't do what we do without the people on our team. Over two years we have worked with many inspiring and driven individuals and have built a core crew of truly amazingly dedicated people who put their all into the our mission.
Our aim is that our team enjoy the hotel as much as the guests do. This is not a place where you will find stiff staff hovering silently around you in starched shirts. So if you are looking for 5* silver service then be advised that this may not be the hotel for you.
We are here to have fun in life, as well as to try to create an interesting, different and homely experience for people coming to Guernsey.
If this sounds up your street then we'd love to meet you, hear your stories, introduce you to Guernsey and welcome you into our home.
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