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Smack bang in the centre of town, we believe that Ziggurat is a good spot for both business and tourist travellers. A three minute walk down the steps will bring you straight into Market Square. Some people complain about our position perched on the historic Constitution Steps, but without that we wouldn't have our stunning views or quirky off-the-beaten-track location in a spot of amazing local history.
We have to be clear and honest right now and say that if you don't like walking, or if climbing up steps is a definite no-no, then Ziggurat is probably not the place for you. But so far, without fail, everyone who has visited says the journey was 100% worthwhile.
Directions to Ziggurat

Ziggurat is located about two thirds up Constitution Steps. Don't miss the important message in that short sentence - come from the top!!


There are 105 steps upwards from Market Street and 44 steps downwards from Clifton. Think of it as a holiday destination with a free gym included....


If you are coming by taxi we advise getting dropped at Clifton. There is an unloading bay just outside Le Platon Nursing Home which is directly at the top of the steps and perfect for drop off and pick up. We like 1st Call Taxis and it is well worth organising a taxi in advance to avoid any waiting. Call on 07911 727 970.


Please note there is extremely limited parking in the area, so beware if thinking of bringing a car. Lastly, if you would like help with your bags get in touch beforehand to let us know.


No. 5

Constitution Steps

St Peter Port



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